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Here is STEMSEL.

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Science Technology Engineering Maths Social Enterprise Learning (STEMSEL) is the focus of our Club Workshops. We make this a fun, hands-on problem solving experience. eLabtronics invented a revolutionary technology called STEMSEL to make the programming of microchips simpler, to a level primary school students can use their creativity to Design Build and Program their own micro-controller projects. With STEMSEL, imagination is the only limitation. Anyone can use their creativity to Design, Build and Program their own micro-controller projects.

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We Use ezSystem

From entrepreneurs looking to design their first product, to professional engineers designing high-end industrial applications, they all use this amazing graphical system. ezSystem speeds up the design of the hardware and its flow chart based system speeds up the programming of the PIC microcontrollers and microcomputers

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  •   STEMSEL Inventors Club @ eLabtronics,
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  •   +61 8 8231 5966

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