Royal Adelaide Show

The competitions will be held from the 2nd to 11th of September 2016 and will include five competitions; Line Following, Remote Control Soccer, an Egg Incubator, UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) and an Innovation Competition. The competitions will be held at the Royal Adelaide Show on public display.

These competitions, based on the eLabtronics ezSystem, are open to any High School students or teams of up to three students per entry. In previous years, the competitions have only been open to students, but this year we are proud to announce that there will also be an innovation competition open to adults and tertiary students.

We recommend participants to bring a notebook running Windows operating system and a power supply to program their microcontrollers and make final adjustments prior to commencement of the competitions, as there will be few computers on hand

Our prizes are provided by our sponsors, eLabtronics and the Royal Adelaide Show.

The closing date for registration is Friday 22nd July 2016 at 5pm.
Entry Fee is $4 if completed online & $5 if completed by paper.

Demonstrations will be held at the Royal Adelaide Show for judges and participants, where the participants will be given show entry tickets. School workshop classes may be organised by arrangement with the STEMSEL Foundation by email at

Competition Information and Prize Schedule (pdf)

Competition Judges

We had the honor of having three pre-eminent STEMSEL personalities, Fernando C Gonzalez, Dr YKK and Nkandu Beltz as the Judges for the 2013 RAS ezSystem STEMSEL Innovation competitions. STEMSEL stands for Science Technology Engineering Mathematics Social Enterprise Learning

Fernando C Gonzalez Dr YKK Nkandu Beltz
Gonz YKK nkandu
Squadron Leader of the Royal Australian Air Force. Distinguished Talent on Creativity recognized by the Australian Government Full time STEMSEL Ambassador.

Competition Categories

Control Circuits and Programming - The Egg Incubator

The objective of this contest is to design and build an incubator for exotic eggs. The incubator requires temperature and movement control. The eggs must roll twice a day to stop the embryo from sticking to the shell.. This project requires the students to apply their science, technology, engineering, mathematics and entrepreneurial skills in a practical manner.

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UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) NEW!

Aviation and avionics with assistance from RAAF and STEMSEL circuitry. This competitions requires building and programming an unmanned aerial vehicle, that is either remote controlled or autonomous. eLabtronics can also supply a quadrocopter base that can be programmed with ezSystem.

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Robotics (Line Following)

The Line Following eRacer robots can be provided by eLabtronics and the competitors program the robots with ezSystem. Alternately competitors can build their own robot base, and mount ezSystem onto it. The competition is judged based on the time it takes for the robots to complete the track.

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The public observing the working of the line following robot

Robotics (Soccer via Remote Control)

The Remote Control Soccer Robot is controlled via a computer using ezSystem. Once again, eLabtronics can provide a robot base, or competitors can build their own. The robot can be controlled wirelessly or using another form of remote control (for example: a PlayStation 2 controller). Another competitor may be on the field (if time permits) to be a defender and the other an attacking robot. The robot may sense the other robot, sense the position in the field and be able to be controlled with a program, such as ezSystem.

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Intern Marcus with the students from St. Pauls during the soccer robot competition

Innovation, Invention and Enterprise Competition (Junior and Adult)

This competition enabled participants to demonstrate their STEMSEL innovation and creativity. Competitors were required to develop a commercially viable invention which performs tasks by programming microcontrollers using the simple and easy to use ezSystem software. The main categories are "Entertainment and Recreation", "Environment Issues", "Agricultural Application", "Manufacturing and Industrial Applications" and "Energy and Transport.

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Lance Feldman demonstrating his coin sorting machine to the judges at the Royal Adelaide Show 2015

Innovation, Invention and Enterprise Competition (Junior Teams)

This competition is to design an idea or model for either a - a) Smart City or b) Smart Farm. The invention may have a solution to some of these problems. Examples could include traffic control, waste disposal and sanitation, improving productivity, transport and energy, lighting, cooling and heating, power generation, communication systems, fresh water and storage, soil erosion, etc.

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Judges with Elliot Shine (self-watering plant)