Past Workshops

St Dominic's Priority College


The first STEMSEL Inventors Club workshop took place after school for 16 students in Years 5-9. The club is run to help educate students on programming and logical thinking. Its aim is to provide a greater understanding of the technological world we live in and how we can use that knowledge. All the students were so glad about taking part in the workshop because the skills taught in this program will be valuable. We would recommend it to anyone and everyone. Since the children of St. Dominic were curious on how STEMSEL India helped the orphans, we managed to organize a Skype call between the two wherein the girls interacted with STEMSEL India and found out about how they help Yuva Jyothi.

Hands on participation – Student comes up to demonstrate the programming of sensors Richards with Miro – educating the children about Dr. Yunus and his achievements in alleviating poverty Students of St. Dominic’s engaging in a Skype session with STEMSEL INDIA Supervision by Uni mentors and teachers from St. Dominic’s college during the workshops Jason and Miro explaining microfinancing - replacing Yunus’ model with microchips

Cabra Dominican College


Four workshops at Cabra College were conducted over the course of two days. The children enjoyed learning about Dr. Yunus and his humanitarian efforts to reduce poverty worldwide. They were educated about the growth in technological advancements since the invention of microchips and the necessity of learning programming. They were taught how to save electricity by the use of a smart street light and even had hands on experience on how to program the microchips and assemble the kits to make a working model.

Jason and Hari with Miro asking the children “Who here does not know Dr. Yunus?” Jason and Hari with Miro asking the children “Who here does not know Dr. Yunus?” Children of Cabra College taking part in the Human Conductor to show ‘Many hands make light work’