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STEMSEL stands for Science Technology Engineering Mathematics (STEM) and Social Enterprise Learning (SEL) and is based on the Australian ACARA (Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority) National Curriculum framework. We are experts in STEM inventions and programming or coding. Our aim is to empower people with STEM and Programming skills, especially in the developing countries. It was developed with an intention to understand and utilize electronics to its maximum potential and it benefits all.

Peng Choo is the Founder and Director of Stemsel Inventors Club @ eLabtronics Inc, Stemsel Inventors Club @ eLabtronics started when a Sudanese refugee was stabbed to death in downtown Adelaide. A STEM Robotic Programming Club was formed to help integrate the refugee youth into the community. This community project also provided the University international students an outlet to interact with the local community. From a tragic beginning the STEM Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) project evolved to STEM Social Enterprise Learning (STEMSEL) based on Dr. Yunus work on social businesses.

Our Vision

The World Without Poverty

Digital STEMSEL (Science Technology Engineering Maths Social Enterprise Learning) Club is a not-for-profit organization run by university students from fields of engineering and business that is dedicated to teaching the next generation about building blocks of modern economy, ie microchip applications and programming , with strong emphasis on Social Enterprise Learning.

We believe that we can make a significant contribution to achieving the goal of "The World without poverty" by creating a large number of Social Enterprise Ambassadors to promote the vision of Dr Yunus' micro finance social business helping billions of people living in poverty to earn their way out of it. In order to achieve this we aim to implement Social Enterprise Learning in schools and universities across Australia and the rest of the world.

Stemsel Inventors Club @ eLabtronics uses a unique language to talk to microchips , to make the programming of microchips simpler so that primary school students in developing and developed countries can use their creativity to Design Build and Program their own micro-controller projects. One day they can use these skills to make a $100 rice cooker or a $100 million Jet Fighter (JSF)! Stemsel Inventors Club @ eLabtronics supports people who aspire to be Social Business Ambassadors to start micro-enterprises in Kyrgyzstan, India, Brunei, Malaysia, Australia, USA to reduce poverty.

Our History

The first incarnation of the Stemsel Inventors Club @ eLabtronics was a program in 2003 called the Robotic Peer Mentoring Program teaching students in grade 10. The program had combined support from the South Australian Government, Universities and eLabtronics. This program ran until 2007 but was closed because by year 10 it was too late to spark students interest in a STEM career as most had already written it off as too hard.

In 2009 eLabtronics helped to found the African Microchip Training Centre in conjunction with Joseph Masika to help integrate newly migrated African youths into Australian Society. Students found that learning electronics was a valuable skill and helped them feel welcomed in Australia. Despite this the AMTC lacked strong support from government or charities and as such struggled to run continuous workshops.

In 2012, Peng Choo, CEO of eLabtronics, reformed the AMTC into STEMSEL which started offering it's workshops to schools during the week and it's own workshops on weekends. eLabtronics also offered it's support in the form of a new STEMSEL chip just for the STEMSEL organisation to use.

In 2013, the STEMSEL Foundation was formed as a not-for profit organisation aiming to increase the number of students interested in STEM careers, improve it's interns business and communication skills and encourage international students to study and work in Australia.

In 2014, the STEMSEL Foundation started the STEMSEL Sisters initiative to combat the gender gap in engineering and STEM professions. STEMSEL continues to run and expand it's club organisation build new organisations in Canberra, Melbourne and Sydney.

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