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Dr Andy Thomas

Dr Andy Thomas is an Australian-born American aerospace engineer and a NASA astronaut. We had the chance to meet Dr Thomas at the opening of Adelaide Universities MECHexpo held at the Adelaide Showgrounds. He became so interested in ezSystem projects done by students and spent time understanding what their projects were about.


Dr Jerry Madakbas

Dr Madakbas is the Chairman of Photek Pty Ltd, supplier of advanced imaging sensors (cameras) to the NASA Hubble Space Telescope, NASA ACE Explorer Satellite, and Cancer Research. He was one of our international judges in the Royal Adelaide Show. Now he is mentoring Kaviya (STEMSEL student) with her project for Royal Adelaide Show 2012.


Dr Yew Kam Keong

Dr YKK - distinguished Talent on Creativity recognized by the Australian Government - was our other international judge in the Royal Adelaide Show. He also found ezSystem very interesting and spent time talking to students and mentors to find out more about it.


Mr Bill Spurr

Mr Bill Spurr, the chairman of Education Adelaide, met us at the Royal Adelaide Show and was amazed by how our innovative ezSystem helped students do projects and improve their STEMSEL skills.


Squadron Leader Fernando C Gonzalez

At the 2010 Royal Adelaide Show, Fernando Gonzalez - Squadron Leader of the Royal Australian Air Force - found an "Engineers Australia" sticker on the floor. He decided to find out more as he wanted to become a Council member of the South Australian Division of Engineers Australia. He found our stall as we had an Engineers Australia poster and was was very impressed by the students' work and told our technical manager that there was a model aircraft that was not functioning and wondered if we could fix it. The aircraft was sent to our STEMSEL workshop and STEMSEL students and mentors worked hard and completed the project. The model aircraft was displayed in 2011 Royal Adelaide Show at the Airforce cadets.


Nkandu Beltz

Nkandu Beltz is a young Social Pioneer who is the Founder & CEO of Youth Empowerment Programme Australia(YEPA) and works on various projects with the Aboriginal community. She is a judge for the Royal Adelaide Show STEMSEL competitions and recently became a full time STEMSEL ambassador. She plans to start a STEMSEL Chapter in Victoria.



eLabtronics has been a strong supporter of the Stemsel Inventors Club @ eLabtronics since it's inception. eLabtronics has allowed the Stemsel Inventors Club @ eLabtronicss to use their software and facilities when available free of charge. eLabtronics has offered their technologies as prizes for students and will remain a key technology partner of the Stemsel Inventors Club @ eLabtronicss long into the future.


Royal Adelaide Show              

The Royal Adelaide Show is a close partner of the Stemsel Inventors Club @ eLabtronics supporting our clubs by offering us a platform for students to compete for prizes. Each year the RAS and STEMSEL set up a large display at the Wayville Showgrounds and judge entrants into their robotics and electronics competitions with prizes provided by the RAS and eLabtronics

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