Required Software & Hardware

The STEMSEL projects seen below require specialised software and hardware. The software package is called ezSystem, which provides both the ezCircuit Designer and graphical CoreChart programmer.

Download ezSystem Free Version
Please note that ezSystem is compatible with Windows XP and above.

The hardware required can be found in the links below. The STEMSEL Inventors Kit includes the micro controller board and some of the attachable components required for the projects.

Projects 3, 6 and 7 require an additional LCD Display, which is sold as part of Circuit Pack 2. Projects 4 and 5 require an additional Servo Motor.

STEMSEL Inventors Kit
Circut Pack 2 (LCD Display)
Standard 4.5V Servo Motor

STEMSEL Automotive Projects

Project 1: Windscreen Wiper Controller


Windscreen wipers have several speed settings depending on how heavy the rain is. In this project we will make a wiper that not only has different speeds but can adjust automatically using a sensor.



Project 2: Radiator Fluids Low Indicator


Petrol isn't the only fluid our cars require, and if they run out of water or oil it can seriously damage the car. In this project we will make a water level detector to sound an alarm before it runs out.



Project 3: Trip Computer


Many modern cars monitor your fuel usage and can predict how far you can drive before you run out. In this project we will make a trip computer to monitor the remaining fuel and calculate the range.



Project 4: Electric Car Regnerative Battery


Some cars run on electricity instead of petrol, and can even recharge their batteries when braking. In this project we will make a power monitor that shows the battery draining when we drive, but can recharge the batteries when we brake.



Project 5: Intercooler Spray Controller


Turbo chargers increase your engine's power, but can get very hot. Build a controller that will predict when this will happen and stop it from overheating.



Project 6: RPM Tachometer


Rpm stands for revolutions per minute. A car engine turns about 800 to 5000 rpm Detect the rpm of an electric motor and display it on the LCD.



Project 7: Transmission Gears


When you change gears the ratio of turns changes from the engine to your wheels. Use your LCD to watch how the ratio changes as you move up and down gears.



Project 8: Emissions Control


Servo motors are small motors with their own gears and microchip. Use a servo to control the oxygen going to the engine to avoid too much pollution.



Project 9: Networking In Cars


New cars contain about 200 microchips that need to communicate in a network. Build a network by connecting to other student's controllers and see if you can control them.



Project 10: ABS System


Microchips can sense how fast your car is braking and if it is about to skid on the road. Make it stop quicker using the magnets in your motor.