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runlinc E32W Inventors' Kit

runlinc E32W Module


  • On board driver on 4 ports for 2 forward/reverse motors or 4 motors in 1 direction, also can be used for small lamps, relays, etc ( up to 500mA )
  • Driver can be enabled or disabled to use ports and inputs etc
  • Driver can output the voltage on the "12V" input so that it can drive 12V etc on the driver outputs
  • 6x Servo Motor Connectors with power connection directly from "Vin" input to drive high current servo motors at 6V etc. runlinc software directly supports servo motors
  • On board regulator so board can run on 5V to 15V power supply. ( including 6V, 9V, 12V etc )
  • Simpler and more reliable connections. Has 3 pin connectors for direct I/O sensor or output devices connection with no extra wires needed for 3 pin devices.
  • Comes with the runlinc Wi-Fi module which is shipped with the runlinc development website pre-installed
  • Programmable electronic module and unique, easy to learn software
  • Extensive list of beginner projects available
  • Very low cost

(Optional) 37-in-1 I/O Sensor Kit to complete example runlinc projects


  • 3-pin LED
  • 4-pin LED
  • 4-pin RGB SMD LED
  • Push Button
  • Buzzer
  • Light Sensors
  • Temperature Sensors
  • Potentiometer
  • .etc


  • Micro USB 2.0 Cable

runlinc IDE display

runlinc IDE page

  • Works with runlinc IDE. 2 lines of runlinc EASY CODING compare to 120 lines of Difficult Coding to make an ALARM WEBPAGE with 2 buttons to turn ON and OFF buzzers, lights to scare intruders.


runlinc Inventors' Kit E32W (without optional I/O Kit)
$80AUD + $20AUD shipping

runlinc Inventors' Kit E32W (with optional I/O Kit)
$120AUD + $20AUD shipping


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  • enquiries@runlinc.com
  • 22-26 Peel Street, Adelaide SA 5000